The Women of the Brooklyn Museum Scavenger Hunt

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The Women of the Brooklyn Museum Scavenger Hunt

An empowering new adventure

The Brooklyn Museum is currently not accepting group reservations.

On this scavenger hunt you’ll meet the women of the Brooklyn Museum: art of women, art by women, and the stories behind them. Follow a trail of tricky clues and answer fun questions about this world-class collection of art, and get to know the likes of Georgia O’Keeffe, the Peale sisters, an Egyptian princess, a Roman goddess, and much more.

The hunt also features the museum’s Herstory Gallery, a rotating exhibition of feminist art. Here you’ll get up close and extremely personal with Judy Chicago’s famed feminist masterpiece, The Dinner Party, and the 1,083 women her piece honors.

Join this empowering, intriguing tour of women art and artists in one of New York’s greatest museums.

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