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The Dumbo Dash
Scavenger Hunt

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The Dumbo Dash Scavenger Hunt

Wander Brooklyn’s waterfront streets and parks…

…on a scavenger hunt that reveals the best of the neighborhood Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass—DUMBO, for short. On this team-building scavenger hunt, you’ll search for answers to tricky, humorous questions as you explore the brand-new Brooklyn Bridge Park, under and around the famous bridge and along the shore of the East River. Spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline serve as the backdrop to green lawns and winding paths studded with crazy sculptures and a sparkling carousel. To the east, you’ll chart a course around the dramatic 19th-century buildings from the days when this area was a bustling industrial waterfront.

Your team might search for…

  • A spectacularly restored classic carousel
  • Historic warehouses and old factories set to creative new uses
  • Fun new boutiques and outdoor cafés
  • Railroad tracks embedded in cobblestone streets
  • Fading ads for old companies painted onto brick facades
  • Wild street art in unexpected places
  • A history of the waterfront set in bronze beneath your feet
  • A surprising tribute to Walt Whitman, who worked at a location on the hunt
  • An amazing view you’ll recognize from countless movies
  • Signs marking the spot of George Washington’s harrowing escape from British forces
  • A great place to stop for ice cream…and much more!

No knowledge of the area or its history is necessary to excel on this hunt. You just need to keep your eyes open, use your wits, and work with your team.

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