Scavenger Hunts at The Museum of Modern Art | NYC

Scavenger Hunts at The Museum of Modern Art

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  • adults
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The MoMA Mania Scavenger Hunt

New York City’s most surreal adventure

This isn’t your ordinary museum—or your ordinary team-building exercise. You’re in for a treat as your team traverses MoMA’s unusual, thought-provoking exhibits and answers quirky, clever questions about Picasso, Pollock, and more. Even if you don’t know a Warhol from a Wyeth, you can win this game with a little observation and a lot of teamwork. You’ll feast your eyes on some of the world’s latest, greatest masterpieces as you have a blast with friends or colleagues.

Together, you might uncover…

  • Picasso’s poison and secret seducer
  • Jackson Pollock’s secret ingredients
  • Warhol’s favorite lunch (hint: it’s soup)
  • Dali’s wilting watches
  • Freaky photos and daring designs
  • Provocative torn-from-the-headlines contemporary art
  • Mind-spinning rooms of multimedia
  • And much more!

We’ve been staging scavenger hunts at MoMA since 2006. Find out for yourself why we’re the only team-building company permitted in the museum.

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