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The Wild Wildlife
Scavenger Hunt

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The Wild Wildlife Scavenger Hunt

Wild animals—and their even wilder secrets

That’s what you’ll discover on scavenger hunts at this zoo in Phoenix’s Papago Park. Your team will follow clues and search for answers to tricky, humorous questions to uncover the most amazing and amusing aspects of a magnificent menagerie of animals—from the most delicate butterflies to the sturdiest elephants.

You’ll compare your neck with a giraffe’s on the savanna, scavenge for facts about vultures along the Arizona Trail, scorn lazy male lions, learn what makes a rhino retreat on the Africa Trail, book a Tropical Flight with colorful birds, meet the swingin’ “People of the Forest,” and find out what keeps flamingoes in the pink on the Tropics Trail. And those are just a few of the challenges that lie ahead for your team.

You might answer such questions as…

  • At the elephant enclosure, meet a massive country star. What condition might a bad eye doctor mistakenly diagnose her with? Answer: Reba the elephant has pink coloration around her eyes, so pink eye.
  • What dubious compliment might you give to an especially tall, attractive member of this species? Answer: The maned wolf is sometimes called a “fox on stilts.”
  • Find an amphibian that might give Congress a huge headache. What can you expect it to give you after it screams? Answer: Budgett’s Frog will deliver a “fierce bite” after emitting a harsh scream.

No knowledge of the Phoenix Zoo or its wild things is necessary to play or to win: you just need to keep your eyes open, use your wits, and collaborate with your teammates. The hunt also includes Team Photo Challenges that spur creativity and bonding.

Care to play zoo sleuth? The Murder Mystery Mayhem Scavenger Hunt adds a deadly puzzle for your team to solve and a code that you must crack.

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