Zoo Scavenger Hunt

The Wild Wildlife
Scavenger Hunt at
the Lincoln Park Zoo

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The Wild Wildlife Scavenger Hunt at the Lincoln Park Zoo

Discover the oddest animals and strangest facts…

…on a whirlwind tour of the Lincoln Park Zoo. Clues will lead you to the right spot so you can answer tricky, hilarious questions about the fantastic beasts you discover.

Along the way, you might cross climates on an African safari, learn how your neck is like a twiga’s, get hissed at by cockroaches, endure howling gibbons, go nose-to-snout with black bears, ponder puffins, uncover the secrets of the “deep forest,” find a rattle that would make a terrible baby toy, and learn whether or not you should punch someone who calls you a bufflehead.

You’ll also tackle Team Photo Challenges, in which you’ll need to say “cheese” with a cheetah or stretch your creativity to pose with other animals you encounter.

You don’t need to know anything about the zoo or its residents to win. You just need sharp eyes and comfy shoes. Oh, and a smartphone: You’ll play the game using our app, which works in any browser.

Various versions to suit your interests

Care to add more suspense? The Escape the Zoo edition adds tricky, sneaky, fun puzzles of all kinds as you try to crack a code that might save your life.

We also offer a Kids Edition of the classic hunt, for kids ages 7 and up. Kids and adults work together on the fun and funny challenges. It makes for a wild, wacky, and wonderful activity for birthday parties, school and camp field trips, family get-togethers, and more.

And a few weekends each year, we offer the classic hunt for anyone to join.

Support your team, support wildlife

By embarking on this zoo scavenger hunt, you’ll not only be treating yourself to fun, you’ll also be supporting a modern Noah’s ark in its efforts to protect and preserve wildlife around the world while fostering appreciation for animals in Chicago. Contact us to learn more!

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