The Vanderbilt Ramble Scavenger Hunt

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  • outdoor

The Vanderbilt Ramble Scavenger Hunt

Get schooled—in the best way

See the best of this beautiful campus on a team-building game that sends you in search of hidden history, gasp-worthy greenery, audacious art, and a dollop of humor. You’ll put your brains together to answer tricky questions about places on campus, take creative Team Photos that meet unusual criteria, search for unusual objects, and meet with the Hunt Host for a surprising bonus challenge.

Highlights include…

  • An unexpected connection between a 19th-century railroad titan and Egyptian pharaohs
  • A translucent landlubbing dinosaur in the Stevenson Center
  • The mathematical jerseys of a winning women’s team at the Vanderbilt Memorial Gym
  • An honesty test outside the Sarratt Student Center
  • The case of the missing house on West Side Row

No prior knowledge is necessary. To triumph, you just need to keep your eyes open, use your wits, and work together.

Treat yourself to more fun on campus than you’ve had since you graduated.

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