The Texas History Mysteries Scavenger Hunt

  • private
  • adults
  • indoor

The Texas History Mysteries Scavenger Hunt

You won’t be a lone star on this group game

Throw a saddle on the bucking bronco of Texas history and try to lasso answers to tricky, funny, intriguing questions about the museum’s vivid re-creations. Meet military leaders! Dodge the Comanche! Do battle with conquistadors! Move with mules and get along, little doggie! Baffle buffalo soldiers! Blow off steam aboard a steamboat! Get slick with oilmen! Find out about high times with pilots! Remember the Alamo! And discover other cool stuff that deserves exclamation points!

Along the way, you might also find…

  • The item that ignited the Texas Revolution
  • What stone-faced young ’uns used to help clean the Alamo
  • A human rainbow in action
  • A little Lone Star who took a trip to the moon
  • An accessory that’s all it’s quacked up to be

You don’t need to be an expert on “the Story of Texas” to do well on this hunt or even to win. All you need is a sharp mind and comfy shoes.

An Escape the Museum Edition of the hunt is also available, in which the museum’s secrets are woven into a series of puzzles that you must solve to expose and stop a diabolical villain.

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