The St. Petersburg Blitz Scavenger Hunt

  • private
  • adults
  • outdoor

The St. Petersburg Blitz Scavenger Hunt

A classic game with a clever twist

If you’re looking for a completely different way to have some fun in the Florida sun with friends or colleagues, have we got a game for you. We’ve taken a good, old-fashioned scavenger hunt and amped it up with unusual challenges and quirky tests of teamwork.

Your group will need to collect or create offbeat items, take creative Team Photos, find our staffers for a surprise challenge, and answer some tricky and humorous questions about St. Petersburg. Your tasks may involve strange uses for food, new lyrics for old songs, strangers wearing valuable words, surprising secrets about local landmarks, and more. Trust us: this is like no other scavenger hunt—or group activity—you’ve ever tried before.

Along the way, you might be challenged to…

  • Act scared in front of the reportedly haunted Vinoy Park Hotel
  • Play it cool under the giant banyan trees on the lawn next to the Museum of Fine Arts
  • Find something associated with the city’s world record for most consecutive sunny days

If you choose the Deluxe Edition, we can customize challenges to feature anything—or anyone—you want to emphasize or celebrate.

This scavenger hunt is a great way to express hometown spirit, do some team building, and give visitors or newcomers a taste of what makes your city and state great.

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