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The Revolutionary Philadelphia
Scavenger Hunt at the
Museum of the American Revolution

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The Revolutionary Philadelphia Scavenger Hunt at the Museum of the American Revolution

America’s battle scars and secrets—revealed

The British are coming! And so are the patriots! Actually, they’re all already here, on display at the new Museum of the American Revolution in the heart of Philadelphia, a few blocks from Independence Hall. This group game gives you an unusual and hilarious whirlwind tour of its highlights, astonishing and odd artifacts, and hidden surprises.

You’ll follow a trail of clues that weaves through the war’s timeline, from the “Road to Independence,” through “The Darkest Hour,” and on to “A New Nation.” But this isn’t your ordinary scavenger hunt, so you won’t be collecting objects (put back that musket!). Instead, you’ll be collecting answers to tricky, funny questions.

No previous knowledge required!

No expertise on the Revolution is required. You don’t need to know Ben Franklin from Ben Affleck: the hunt is a test of teamwork, not trivia knowledge. To win, all you need to win is a pair of sharp eyes—and comfy shoes. That said, you’ll be amazed at the fascinating, strange, astonishing stories and historical objects you’ll discover along the way.

Exclaims one corporate client: “We had a great time. Everyone loved it and several told me they were planning on signing up for the Longwood Gardens hunt coming up. Thanks so much for everything!”

A Kids Edition is available for kids and adults to play together, which makes for the perfect school field trip. It’s guaranteed to spark any kid’s interest in the Revolutionary War, the Founding Fathers—and Mothers—and history in general. Recommended for ages 7 and up.

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