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The Pittsburgh Pursuit Scavenger Hunt

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The Pittsburgh Pursuit Scavenger Hunt

Lead your team to victory in the City of Champions

The neighborhood surrounding the Carnegie Museums and the University of Pittsburgh contains many surprises and cool sights, and you’ll see the best of them on scavenger hunts that test your wits and your ability to work with your team.

So, how do you play—and win? By following a trail of clues through the city in search of answers to tricky, humorous questions about the site of the 1960 World Series, the Nationality Rooms at the Cathedral of Learning, the Heinz Chapel, and a Carnegie-built architectural wonder, to name a few. Along the way, you’ll also meet a movie hoofer, Babe Ruth, a legendary songwriter, Michelangelo, and Dippy the Dinosaur.

You might tackle such questions as…

  • Take the path of muscle resistance. What year does Calvin share with da Bear? Answer: Former Chicago Bears head coach Mike Ditka and Calvin Smith are named on a plaque for the Class of 1961.
  • Go to a famous place where you might worship a condiment. On the building, what tropical sight seems out of place? Answer: Oddly enough, palm trees are on the facade of Heinz Chapel.
  • Go around the Frick Fine Arts Building toward a small baseball field, then find a remnant of a big baseball field, where the Pirates won the World Series in 1960. How deep was center field? Answer: 457 feet, according to a plaque at the site of Forbes Field.

Keep in mind that we haven’t given you all of the clues, which would help guide you to the spots where the answers can be found. You don’t need to know this neighborhood to triumph: you just need sharp eyes and comfy shoes.

Various options to suit your group

Care to add an extra—and deadly—challenge to your Pittsburgh adventure? We can customize this hunt to include an interactive murder-mystery plot.

Kids Editions are also available for ages 7 and up. On these adventures for younger audiences, adults and children join forces to come up with the correct answers. It’s a fantastic activity for a birthday party or school field trip.

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