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The North Carolina
History Mysteries
Scavenger Hunt

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The North Carolina History Mysteries Scavenger Hunt

For great team building, there’s no time like the past!

North Carolina’s history is brought to glorious life in this remarkable museum in downtown Raleigh. On teams, you’ll uncover surprising secrets, quirky details, and odd insights by following a series of clever clues and answering tricky, humorous questions about what you find.

Your quest will lead you through the you-are-there re-creations of the past in the Story of North Carolina exhibit, reveal the state’s role in the Civil War and World War I, celebrate great moments in North Carolina sports, and have you step inside a 1920s drugstore.

You might tackle such questions as…

  • On a barrel in the Civil War section, find a possibly tipsy, saluting soldier. What time of day does he make this gesture? Answer: Near a soldier’s letter, “Morning” is the brand name on a whiskey bottle.
  • Next to a military helmet, find what Owen used for coffee to go. The possessor of this kit first had to survive a famous disaster. What rising item saved his life? Answer: Owen Hill Kenan survived going under on the sinking of the Lusitania by getting swept up in an air bubble. Really!

No knowledge of the state’s history or the museum is required. Just keep your eyes open, use your wits, and work with your team—and victory can be yours! Contact us to learn more—and find more fun in Raleigh!

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