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The Mystic Seaport Mysteries Scavenger Hunt

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The Mystic Seaport Mysteries Scavenger Hunt

Set sail for the 19th century…

…at Mystic Seaport, an outdoor museum that re-creates a bygone boating village. You’ll follow clever clues and collaborate with your team to answer tricky, entertaining questions while exploring authentic ships, homes, shops, and factories, plus galleries filled with art and history.

On your seafaring adventure, you might…

  • Find out how a beer keg sank the Tecumseh
  • Get the latest score from an 1866 baseball game in the printing office
  • Figure out how whale bones cut pies
  • Investigate the fo’c’sle of the L.A. Dunton
  • Visit a store to check out Garrigues’ Vegetable Worm Confections
  • And find out what to do when someone shouts, “Wet the line!”

Those are just a few of the hilarious highlights you’ll uncover on this whirlwind tour of Mystic. No prior knowledge is necessary—you just need good teamwork skills and comfy shoes.

You could search for answers to such questions as…

  • In a hut with a whaling boat, find a whale undergoing on-deck “surgery” that would horrify a whale’s dentist. How long is the whale’s jaw? Answer: 18 feet.
  • In a lifeguard station, find a metal “car” that was supposed to save your life when you needed to get off a shipwreck. Why might you hesitate to use it in rough seas? Answer: It capsized.

Since its debut in 2007, this hunt has been a hit with numerous corporate groups. A Kids Edition, for ages 7 and up, gets kids and adults to join forces to explore the seaport. It’s a great activity for school field trips, summer camps, birthday parties, and family get-togethers.

Or go on the Downtown Mystic Madness Hunt

Not interested in the Mystic Seaport Museum? Set your course for the streets of downtown Mystic! You’ll need creativity and ingenuity to tackle a series of unusual photo challenges, a list of items to find or create, and a surprise bonus challenge with the host. The game is like a traditional scavenger hunt but with quirky twists.

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