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The Museum of
Natural Hysteria
Scavenger Hunt

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The Museum of Natural Hysteria Scavenger Hunt

Nature gets wild…

…on this unusual group game that uncovers the Houston Museum of Natural Science’s secrets, surprises, and treasures. Your team will follow a trail of clues through the exhibits as you collaborate to answer fun and funny questions about what you find. Along the way, you’ll see the best of the new Hall of Paleontology—so vivid you might swear you feel the hot breath of a looming dinosaur.

You also might find out…

  • Why a pterosaur can’t wear a wedding ring
  • What kind of stink makes the blackest pottery
  • How a pig does cleanup work for a dirty job
  • Why a seal might cringe at a parka
  • The reason zebras should fear a condiment stand

You could track down answers to such questions as…

  • Find a large dinosaur. Another dinosaur gave this one a leg up. What “cousin” of a famous Hall did the donating dino come from? Answer: The Diplodocus’ thigh bone is from a Diplodocus at the Carnegie Museum (cousin of Carnegie Hall, as it were).
  • In Africa, what predator is most likely to “hail” a Chevy namesake that’s hanging around? Answer: A leopard on a branch is closest to an impala caught in the tree.

Couldn’t answer those questions? Don’t worry! They’re designed so you can answer them only when you are standing in the right spot in the museum, when all becomes clear. No previous knowledge about science or the museum is necessary to win: you just need a sharp mind, comfy shoes, and a sense of adventure.

More museum scavenger hunt options

If your group could use more of a challenge consider the Murder Mystery Edition, which features the highlights of the main hunt but adds a whodunit for you to solve. Or if you want teams to interact more during the game, collaborating as well as competing, ask us about the Mixed Alliances Edition.

The Kids Edition makes the fun available for youngsters ages 7 and up, as they collaborate with adults.

If you’ve been looking for an out-of-the-box activity for a diverse group, your search is over! This group game is great for corporate outings, birthday parties, social-group gatherings, school field trips—you name it. Contact us to learn more—and find more fun at the Houston Museum of Natural Science!

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