Team-Building Activities in Houston

The Murder at
the Museum of Fine Arts
Scavenger Hunt

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  • adults
  • indoor

The Murder at the Museum of Fine Arts Scavenger Hunt

Can you deduce whodunit?

You were all set for some team-building activities at the Museum of Fine Arts, ready to meet the host of the hunt, when you received startling news: the host was found dead in the museum! And suddenly your help is desperately needed to help catch the killer before they strike again.

You’ll begin your investigation with the scavenger hunt that the host created for your group, featuring tricky, amusing questions about works of art in the museum. But it also turns out that the host has sent you a cryptic message, full of blanks and codes.

It seems the late host led a double life, and the answers to his hunt will help you piece together the surprising secrets of the host—and in uncovering his killer you might be called upon to save the world.

This murder mystery game provides a great way to see the best of the museum’s amazing objects while spurring teammates to work together on a fun task.

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