Lower East Side Food Tour

The Munch Around the Lower East Side
Scavenger Hunt

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  • adults
  • outdoor

The Munch Around the Lower East Side Scavenger Hunt

From pickles to knishes, a munch for every mensch…

…awaits you on this tasty tour of the vanishing Lower East Side. You’ll discover the best eats of the neighborhood before they go bye, bye, bagel.

On teams, you will follow a train of clues that take you to the neighborhood gourmet hotspots. You’ll need to search for answers to fun questions about what you discover.

Even better, along the way you’ll have to take creative photos of your team enjoying snacks and noshes you purchase along the way. We’ll provide you with the locations and recommended treats; you decide which ones deserve the favor of your taste buds.

To win, you don’t need to know a bialy from a bagel, or a jot of Lower East Side. You just need sharp eyes, good teamwork, and an appetite for adventure.

Along the way, your team might…

  • Take a licking at Economy Candy
  • Visit the brand-spanking-new Essex Market, a foodies’ nirvana
  • Let a hefty ice cream sandwich melt your resolve
  • Fish for New York’s finest lox
  • Pick your favorite pickles
  • Hole up with famous doughnuts

This slice of New York calls out for hungry explorers.

Book a scavenger hunt for a private group anytime—and find more fun on NYC’s Lower East Side!

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