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The Marvels of Morristown Scavenger Hunt

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The Marvels of Morristown Scavenger Hunt

Discover historic sites and hidden delights…

…around the village green in the heart of Morristown, where George Washington’s troops camped out during the Revolutionary War. On teams, you’ll take creative Team Photos, find and create unusual items, seek out staffers for a surprise challenge, and figure out tricky clues to answer amusing questions about interesting locations.

Along the way, you might…

  • Stand toe-to-toe with Washington as you come between him and Alexander Hamilton
  • Spy a “gold” evergreen that would make some mothers very proud
  • Uncover the connection between a watery woman and a Caribbean island
  • Find 21st-century surprises in charming 19th-century buildings

Also starring: handsome churches, majestic monuments, strange trees, and a statue honoring guide dogs. But you don’t need to know anything about Morristown or history to succeed on this hunt. Just keep your eyes open, pay attention to the details, and collaborate with your team.

A Kids Edition, for ages 7 and up, offers a great opportunity for adults and children to enjoy an adventure together, whether it’s a birthday party, school field trip, or camp outing.

Acclaimed fun for team building in NJ

“We had a great time on our team event. The Morristown Scavenger Hunt was an excellent team-building activity. Watson Adventures’ team members were very friendly, and we had a great interaction in all the aspects of the event.” –Julio Spada Fiori, External Operations Manager, Ethicon, Johnson & Johnson

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