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The LoDo Mojo
Scavenger Hunt

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The LoDo Mojo Scavenger Hunt

Discover the downtown Denver renaissance…

…on a group game that explores the area near Union Station, Larimer Square, the 16th Street Mall, and outside Coors Field. It’s an old area bursting with new energy—and lots of trendy restaurants, bars, and stores in majestic, refurbished buildings.

On this scavenger-hunt extravaganza, you’ll form teams and search for answers to tricky questions that reveal the hidden history and most fascinating sights in LoDo. Plus, our unusual photo challenges will get you to limber up your creativity.

On your quest, you might find…

  • Bustling, reborn Union Station and its riches-to-rags-to-riches story
  • An amusing tribute to balls of all kinds outside Coors Field
  • Surprising historical figures who are way over your head (literally) in Larimer Square
  • Mysterious letters outside a classic hotel
  • The Daniels and Fisher Tower—looking like an escapee from Venice—and the tale of its vanished appendage
  • Strange subterranean sounds along a seemingly ordinary sidewalk

And much more. You don’t need any prior knowledge to have fun: you just need to work well with your group and wear some comfy shoes.

One of our most popular team building activities in Denver

Happy clients who’ve enjoyed this hunt include Transamerica, T-Mobile, Chatham Financial, and SM Energy, to name just a few. But this game is great for occasions of all kinds, from office outings to birthday parties and social-group meetups. Bonus: you’re in the right spot to eat, drink, and be merry after the hunt!

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