The Henry Ford Frenzy Scavenger Hunt

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  • indoor

The Henry Ford Frenzy Scavenger Hunt

The hunt with something for everyone!

Uncover the most surprising secrets and the most unusual details of the vast collection of Americana inside Dearborn’s Henry Ford Museum of Innovation. On teams, you’ll explore the museum’s treasures by following a trail of clues and collaborating to answer fun and funny questions.

Your quest might include…

  • President Lincoln’s seat from Ford’s Theatre—yes, that one!
  • The actual bus on which Rosa Parks made a stand by sitting
  • An unearthed treasure trove for gamers that Atari didn’t want you to see
  • A surprising news flash from Sesame Street
  • Amusing views of the future provided by comic books, toy robots, lunch boxes, and more pop-culture relics from the recent past

Plus, Thomas Jefferson’s writing desk, limousines presidents rode in, and actual full-size historic planes, trains, and automobiles. You don’t need any prior knowledge to do well on this hunt: you just need to keep your eyes open and work well with your team. 

A Murder Mystery Edition is also available, in which your group of sleuths will have to catch a killer in order to ward off a potentially catastrophic international incident. 

We offer Kids Editions, too, for ages 7 and up.

If you’re looking for a great activity that will entertain a diverse group, you’re welcome! Groups of all kinds have enjoyed our hunts on corporate outings, birthday parties, social-group get-togethers, school trips—you name it.

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