Art Museum Scavenger Hunt

The Dallas Museum of Art Mania
Scavenger Hunt

  • private
  • adults
  • indoor

The Dallas Museum of Art Mania Scavenger Hunt

Bigger is definitely better…

…at the DMA, one of the largest museums in the country. “A great city deserves a great museum,” the builders said, and they built just that. Your team will track down the answers to tricky, humorous questions on a whirlwind tour designed to highlight the best of the museum’s famed Ancient Mediterranean, Texan, European, South Asian, American, African, and Decorative Art collections.

Your adventure might reveal…

  • A girdle made of shellfish
  • A rare Monet that’s like oil and water
  • A Nigerian head that might ring a bell
  • Ancient body piercings
  • A hoofer that helped an Earl chill out
  • A sculpture within a painting within a painting

But you don’t need to know anything about art or the museum to triumph on this group game. You just need a sharp mind and comfortable shoes—and a sense of humor certainly doesn’t hurt.

What happy hunters are saying

“It was a fun event for a holiday party—just the right amount of time. The clues were challenging without being too difficult, so everyone enjoyed themselves regardless of their ‘sleuthing’ skills. The course [through the museum] was well planned: it kept moving without the hunt turning into a marathon.” –Lori M., Practice Administrator, Newman & Taub Vision Center

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