9 Questions to Ask to Find the Perfect Team Building Activity for Your Group

Corporate Team Building ActivitiesLooking for the perfect team building activity, but trying to avoid the clichés and trust falls? Finding the right large group activity can be a trust fall of its own. Plenty of team building companies can do the job, but for the perfect fit, leave the one-size-fits-all approach behind.

Here’s our guide to finding an activity tailor-made for the specific personality of your company and team.

Are your co-workers in it to win it?

Does your team O.D. on the idea of a “healthy dose of competition?” Nothing bugs the competitive like ambiguity. So rather than risk an argument about what exactly constitutes “most enthusiastic,” consider an activity where answers are clear-cut.

Our scavenger hunts challenge teams to find answers to tricky question in museums and historic neighborhoods—such as the Secrets of Greenwich Village Scavenger Hunt in New York—and we have 17 years of experience crafting questions that lead to clear, black-and-white answers—perfect for groups that demand a decisive victory.

Corporate Team Building Watson AdventuresIs creativity king at work?

Do your brainstorms more closely resemble El Niños? Does your group value unique answers over the “right” answer?

Our team photo challenges, for example, are all about thinking differently, with prompts designed for getting out-of-the-box. See some of the creative results.

Do you have a brainy bunch?

Is your group more likely to tackle a heady intellectual debate than a football? Forego the athletics with an activity indulging their cerebral side.

All of our hunts provide a challenge. But for that extra noggin knockout, try one of our Brain Squeeze hunts—such as the Brain Squeeze at the MFA, Boston Hunt—or our Murder Mystery scavenger hunts—such as the Murder at the Museum of American History Hunt in Washington, DC.

Got a bunch of movers & shakers?

Has your team been cooped up in all-day meetings? Everyone using standing desks all of a sudden? Your group might appreciate an activity that gets them out of their chairs.

Our hunts get you moving, but require no specific athletic skills—which makes sure no one gets that sad “picked last in gym class” feeling. For example, the Secrets of the French Quarter Scavenger Hunt has proven wildly popular with companies visiting New Orleans for a conference or convention that also want to get out and enjoy the best of the city.

Is the snack machine your team’s mecca?

Does the mere mention of “refreshments” get the vultures flocking? Top your team building activity with snacks to avoid a “hangry” horde.

Work up an appetite solving clues on Munch Hunts, which provide a whirlwind tour of a neighborhood while including snack stops at great local cafes and food stands. Popular Munch locations include Philadelphia’s Reading Terminal Market, New York’s Chinatown and Little Italy, Chicago’s Lincoln Park, and Cambridge, MA.

Need to stick close to the conference room?

If you need to stay within your office building or conference center, try an in-house event. Our Trivia Slam game and Grab ’n’ Go Office Hunt bring the game to you.

Watson Adventures Corporate Team BuildingDo you want to show them the sights?

If your group is visiting a new city, use team building time to dish out a crash course on their surroundings.

Many of our hunts feature offer whirlwind tours of the hidden gems in great neighborhoods, such as L.A.’s Santa Monica, the The Loop and the Magnificent Mile in Chicago, and Seattle’s Pike Place Market, to name just a few.

Splitting up or sticking together?

Looking for small “get to know you” groups, or a bigger bunch?

Our classic hunts break out in groups of five or six—perfect for discovering hidden talents, like who’s a whiz at reading maps, and who has a surprisingly vast knowledge of dinosaurs!

Or, keep the gang in one room with our Trivia Slam game.

Is your legal department…challenging?

Remember to ask about insurance. Any special events vendor you deal with should have it covered.

Watson Adventures has met the insurance requirements of every company we’ve worked with. That said, we work to make every hunt safe. Since 1998, we’ve hunted with literally hundreds of thousands of companies and organizations with no serious mishaps.

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