New Team-Building Scavenger Hunt: Solve a Murder Mystery Anywhere!

Wstson Adventures Murder Mayhem Anywhere

Our latest game is like an “escape room” game wherever you can think of—even outdoors

Little do you know, but one of your colleagues is a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde. His or her good side knows nothing about the evil side—and the evil side has challenged you to a duel. Your group has been poisoned, with only 90 minutes left to live. You’ll have to complete a series of challenges and solve interlocking puzzles to reveal the killer’s identity. If you succeed, you get the antidote. If you fail…well, you know.

The new Murder Mystery Mayhem Scavenger Hunt is sort of like the movie Speed, where you’ll need to think fast and use teamwork to survive. In teams, you’ll stretch your creativity to match the requirements of murder-mystery-themed photo challenges; you’ll bend your brains to untangle word puzzles; you’ll decode cryptic message to unlock secret web pages; you’ll master a centuries-old hieroglyphic used by spies…and more.

Best of all, you’ll enjoy a fun-for-everyone team-building activity that can take place anywhere, from the streets outside your office to any faraway off-site venue. If you love “escape room” games, you’ll love this game—but even better, you won’t be locked in a stuffy, claustrophobia-inducing room for an hour. It’s perfect for any mixed group, private party, or corporate team-building event of any size.

Along the way, your team might need to…

  • Identify scenes from classic murder-mystery movies, from The Maltese Falcon to Gone Girl.
  • Discover “evidence” that’s already in your possession but hard to detect.
  • Know the tear-ible six-letter nickname earned by the Whitechapel Murderer.
  • Transform a prosaic Sunday-paper favorite into a high-tech revelation.
  • Text a code to the murderer to receive the cryptic key to unlock a cipher.

Ready for a challenge? Remember: If you don’t contact us soon to learn more about how we can stage this game for your group…you’ll never expose the murderer in your midst. Have a great day!