Here’s the Scoop: 16 Awesome Ice Cream Places Around the Country

Nothing says summer like ice cream, and nothing helps sweeten a victory—or soften the sting of defeat—after a scavenger hunt like a heaping helping of your favorite flavor.

Whatever you crave, from crazy creations to beloved classics, we’ve got you. Check out this list of awesome ice cream places in each of the seven cities where we offer public hunts. Each stop is on or near a scavenger hunt route, so come for the fun, stay for the yum!


655 Tremont St.

Fomu’s organic ice cream is widely considered perhaps the best in Boston. Look for fun flavors like peanut butter chocolate cookie; sweet lavender; George Howell cold brew; and bourbon maple walnut. Or go for classics like strawberry, Tahitian vanilla, or chocolate pudding. Bonus: You can order online!

J.P. Licks
Various Locations

Everyone knows this local chain for one simple reason: its darn good ice cream. Founded in 1981 in Jamaica Plan, J.P. Licks has been a Boston staple for decades. They offer a rotating selection of ten or so different flavors, like black raspberry and salted caramel cookies and cream, every month.

159 First St., Cambridge

Another shop started in 1981, Toscanini’s offers 32 rotating homemade flavors, including Vienna Fingers cookie, peanut butter black sesame miso, and Ovaltine. Also, free sprinkles—though they’d prefer you to call them Jimmies.



729 S. Dearborn St.

When was the last time you enjoyed a chocolate-dipped ice cream bar? At Gordo’s, you choose your homemade popsicle, with flavors like chocolate, butter pecan, or mango, or a paleta (a fruity, non-dairy Mexican popsicle). Then you choose your dip—milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, or caramel—and your sprinkles—candy confetti, Fruity Pebbles, mini chocolate chips, and more.

310 S. Michigan Ave.

Perhaps best known for its Mackinac Island fudge, this also boasts some truly excellent ice cream. Their Original Recipe ice cream dates back to the 1980s and comes in more than 40 flavors.


Los Angeles

Saffron & Rose Ice Cream
1387 Westwood Blvd.

As the name implies, Saffron & Rose offers ice cream in unique fruity, spicy, and floral flavors like saffron, pistachio, poppy seed slush, and guava.

Carmela Ice Cream
7920 W. Third St.

Famous for ice cream and cookies alike, Camela is home to maybe the most popular vanilla bean ice cream we’ve ever heard of. Of course the flavors get much more inventive, such as Aztec chocolate; Intelligentsia espresso; Guinness; mint cacao nib; and cranberry orange thyme sorbet.


New York

La Newyorkina
240 Sullivan St.

A local shop with wonderful Mexican ice cream and paletas, and beautiful murals inside. Favorite flavors include horchatta and Oaxacan chocolate.

Ample Hills Creamery
Bubby’s, 73 Gansevoort St.

Did you know you can get Ample Hills ice cream right next to the High Line? This Brooklyn hotspot teamed up with the restaurant Bubby’s to offer up their start-to-finish-homemade ice cream as the perfect partner to a summer stroll—or sunset scavenger hunt—along the High Line.

Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream
Various Locations

Whether it’s a scoop from a shop in one of the Villages or a cone from one of their trucks, Van Leeuwen’s ice cream, both classic and vegan, a wildly popular spot to treat yourself. Best-in-the-city flavors include honeycomb, pink lemonade, and black sesame ash.



Olde Creamery Café
105 S 2nd St.

In the heart of Old City, this local favorite has a simple mission: “We aim to make you happy with a scoop of ice cream.” Mission accomplished! Flavors include butter pecan, Guatemalan ripple, moose tracks, and rum raisin, and can be piled high on homemade Belgian waffles or heaped up with toppings.

Whirled Peace Frozen Yogurt
Various Locations

Earning extra points for their pun-tastic name, this local chain serves up just what you look for into a fro-yo place: fun flavors and lots, and lots, and lots of toppings.


San Francisco

Over the Moon Cookie & Creamery
2144 Chestnut St.

Just try to resist the combo of homemade ice cream and homemade cookies. Over the Moon is known for its ice cream sandwiches made with Grandma Millie’s fresh baked cookies. Yes, Grandma Millie is a real person. It’s the owner’s grandma, and they use her original recipe. Aw.

Steep Creamery
270 Brannan St.

Get you trendy rolled ice cream in classic flavors and tea flavors such as Thai iced tea. If you can’t decide between bubble tea and ice cream, Steep Creamery offers boba as an ice cream topper.


Washington, D.C.

Goodie’s Frozen Custard & Treats
1400 Independence Ave. SW

Goodie’s traditional ’50s look provides a colorful backdrop for delicious frozen custard, fresh donuts, and a soda bar. Grab a cinnamon apple cider donut ice cream sandwich and be content.

Various Locations

Grab this much-loved gelato, made daily with local ingredients at their factory behind Union Market, at one of several shops or famer’s markets. Flavors include Stumptown espresso; peanut butter straciatella; Thai coconut milk; roasted strawberry; and mascarpone and berries.


Hungry Yet?

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