Real Simple Magazine and Bloomberg News Rank Us Among Best Virtual Games to Play

Best Virtual Games to Play

As quarantining and social distancing have sent most of the country inside for weeks now, people have turned to our new virtual games and remote team activities to stay connected, even when they’re apart. And our games have really turned some heads!

Real Simple magazine lists us among 10 Best Virtual Games to Play When You Can’t Be Together.

“Though you see them via Zoom daily, you miss the coffee runs with colleagues that gave you a break from the office. Boosting corporate morale when you aren’t in the same space can be difficult, but [Watson Adventures] may be a way to get through the hurdle.”

And Bloomberg news says we’re one of the Best Planners for Virtual Parties.

“On April 13, Razz Oppenheimer celebrated his 13th birthday with a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art…and the Getty Center, plus a few other museums, too. Not physically, of course: The Manhattan teen is currently self-isolating with his family at their home in Maine. Rather, Razz played Escape to the Museum, one of four new hour-long virtual games from scavenger hunt specialist Watson Adventures.”