New York Times Spotlights How to Find Your Dragon Scavenger Hunt

A new scavenger hunt for How to Train Your Dragons fan

The New York Times singled out our new The How to Find Your Dragon Scavenger Hunt in the Spare Times for Children section. The whimsical adventure will lead you and your kids through the twists and turns of the Metropolitan Museum of Art as you seek fanciful fanged beasts in paintings, sculptures, and even musical instruments.

The hunt, as Watson Adventures’ founder and president, Bret Watson said, “is a field guide to dragons…you’re going to recognize them and learn their names by going through the museum.”

Although inspired by the How to Train Your Dragon series, this hunt is not a continuation or variation of Hiccup and Find Hidden Dragons at the Met on this GameToothless’ adventures. Instead the movies and books provide a surprising bridge to many strange and wonderful works of art.

The How to Find Your Dragon Hunt is Appropriate for ages 7+ and runs for 90 minutes. Teams hunt in groups of six, consisting of at least one adult. See the hunt schedule for all available dates and time. Learn more about this hunt.