Worth More Than 1000 Words

Hunters Praising Person in Uniform Stop, don’t move, hold it right there!” No, no one is getting arrested—although it may appear that way from the photo. Hunters use the perfect balance of teamwork, creativity and precision to complete our photo challenges designed for out-of-the-box thinking. We encourage lively and fun poses, which awards each hunter with happy memories and good feelings that they will take back to the office with them.

Over the years, we’ve collected a number of photos brimming with hilarity. Instead of hoarding them we decided to share them with you on our new Facebook album, “Life’s a Game: Photos of Happy Hunters.” Scroll through and you’ll see a combination of hunters completing our unique photo challenges, hunt hosts rocking a hunt, and a pair of “underdressed” hunters.

It wasn’t always this easy to share photos—Watson Adventures predates Facebook.

The original photo challenges from 1999 were taken on Polaroid cameras provided before the hunt started. The bulky cameras turned the act of taking a Hunters Eating Food in Unusual Wayphoto into a challenge because hunters would have to wait several minutes to see the results of just one photo. And if the photo came out wrong, hunters would either have to take the photo again or risk points during grading.

In the 2000’s we started handing out digital cameras, eliminating the difficulties brought on by Polaroid cameras. Upon client request, digital cameras also allowed us to create a slideshow for everyone to enjoy after the hunt.

And now, smartphones have busted onto the scene—steadily replacing digital cameras. The advantage of the handy device is the social aspect. Hunters can now send and share real time photos to friends and colleagues using #WatsonHunts. Ah the wonders of technology.

With the shift towards smartphones, we donated our Polaroid cameras to the Instant Film Society, where they will lead happy second lives.

Interested in learning more about the photo challenges and how we can help make your company outing one for the records, while boosting your bottom line? Contact us today for more information and find more fun!