Are Your Employees Being Heard?

Two guys debating having funWalk into the office and examine your workplace environment. A healthy office equates to employees feeling necessary, appreciated, and acknowledged.  Unfortunately not every office’s equation perfectly balances out and there are employees who spend their days ignored by coworkers.

A new study conducted by the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business found that workplace ostracism, or being ignored, causes more harm than being bullied or harassed. The study found that an employee’s social role in the office plays a large factor in productivity and job satisfaction. Additionally, it showed that having no role to play in the office culture results in more physical and mental harm than having a negative role.

So what do you see when you walk into the office?

If it starts to resemble the high school cafeteria from Mean Girls then it is time to shake up the social structure. Get everybody out of their usual setting Bear and Bull Work Togetherand out of their comfort zone by taking them on a scavenger hunt.

Each Watson Adventures scavenger hunt is built with teamwork in mind. Ignoring a team member is not an option. After the hunt, we can even host a workshop that will encourage your staff to reflect on their time and inspire them to bring their experience back to the office.

The benefits of a fun scavenger hunt will increase your bottom line because acknowledged employees are happy employees, and happy employees are more productive.

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