More Awesome Scavenger Hunt Names: Naked at the Art Museum Edition

Watson Adventures Naked Scavenger Hunt Team NamesWith 30 Naked at the Art Museum scavenger hunts across the country, Valentine’s Day weekend proved once again that you guys really like naked art—and coming up with hilarious team names.

No matter what hunt you choose, you’re always tasked with inventing a clever team name, be it funny, topical, or maybe a little risqué. Once again, we honor you, the name-makers, for your funny (or cringe-worthy) creations. Oh, and fair warning: Some of these are not for the faint of heart.

Naked at the Met Hunt, New York

I’ll Show You Mine if You Show Me Yours
I MET You Naked
Double Stuffed Oreo
James Bondage

Watson Adventures Hunters at the AIC

Naked at the American Art Museum Hunt & Naked at the National Gallery Hunt, Washington, D.C.

Tyrannosaurus Sex
Cupid Missile Crisis
Skin in the Game
Nude Is the New Black

/watson Adventures AIC Hunt Winners

Naked at the Museum of Fine Arts Hunt, Boston

Don’t Van Gogh Breaking My Heart
Fantastic Bosoms and Where to Find Them

Watson Adventures PMA Hunters

Naked at the Art Museum Hunt, Philadelphia

The Peeping Phanatics

Watson Adventures Getty Hunt Winners

Naked at the Art Institute Hunt, Chicago

Seurat-ica Makes Me Monet
Nudes, Nuts & Knockers
The Impression-tits
Cupid’s Gogh-Gogh Girls

To learn more about all our hunts, visit the public hunt calendar or contact us about planning a private event. And start thinking of those team names now!