Awesome Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt Names: Virtual Naked at the Art Museum Edition

Happy Virtual Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day usually means running fun, flirty scavenger hunts at museums all around the country. But this year, it’s all about online games. So this weekend marks the debut of Naked at the Museum: A Valentine’s Day Virtual Scavenger Hunt.

Before you virtually explore museums for nude art and scandalous secrets, you’ll need a clever team name, be it funny, topical, or maybe a little risqué. To help get you in the mood, here’s a peek at some of the team names other players have come up with over the years—and you can find even more of them here.

I’ll Show You Mine if You Show Me Yours
I MET You Naked
Double Stuffed Oreo
James Bondage
Tyrannosaurus Sex
Cupid Missile Crisis
Illuminaughty by Nature
Watch Me Whip, Watch Monet-Nay Van Gonads

Sculpture Woman and Angel

Skin in the Game
Nude Is the New Black
Pursuit of Hap-penis
Gettying It On
Always Gettying Lucky
Penis de Milo
Don’t Van Gogh Breaking My Heart
Fantastic Bosoms and Where to Find Them
The Peeping Phanatics

Sculpture Cherubs Kissing

Seurat-ica Makes Me Monet
Nudes, Nuts & Knockers
The Impression-tits
Cupid’s Gogh-Gogh Girls
Louvre Got to Be Kidding
On the Rodanthe Again
Nude to the Neighborhood
Two Nudes Walk Into a Bar
Great Sexpectations


Image credits: Angel sculpture photo by Sara Darcaj on Unsplash; cupids photo by Emma Fabbri on Unsplash