Louvre Is in the Air: Great V-Day Scavenger Hunt Team Names

Happy Valentine’s Day, hunters!

Our annual Naked at the Art Museum scavenger hunts are coming this weekend, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art; the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; the Philadelphia Museum of Art;  the National Gallery of Art and the American Art Museum in D.C.; the Art Institute of Chicago; and the Getty Center in L.A. And whether you’re searching for love or just a good time, you’ll need an awesome team name. It adds to the fun—and could even earn you some points.

So for inspiration, and a good laugh, check out some of the team names other hunters came up with for Valentine’s hunts last year. They might also come in handy on, say, your next bachelorette party game. Fair warning: Some of these are, um, a bit on the cheeky side, so proceed with caution!

Louvre Is in the Air
The Periodic Table Dancers
Illuminaughty by Nature
Watch Me Whip, Watch Monet-Nay
Van Gonads
The Nude-ly Weds
Curated Cupids
We Like Big Busts (and We Cannot Lie)
Nude, Where’s My Art?
Naked Ambition

Watson Adventures Hunters at the AIC

Chicago Dancing Bares
Pursuit of Hap-penis
Gettying It On
Always Gettying Lucky
Penis de Milo
The XXXhibitionists
David: Hard as a Rock Since 1504
Tatas for Now
Getty-It On

Ambiguously Artistic Duo
Getty Jiggy with It
Gettying in Love in a Museum
Louvre Got to Be Kidding
On the Rodanthe Again
Nude to the Neighborhood
Two Nudes Walk Into a Bar
Great Sexpectations
Awkward First Date
50 Shades of Monet

Watson Adventures Getty Hunt Winners

V-Day Walk of Shame
Nude & Improved
You All Should Be Glad We’re Not Naked at the Met
The 3 Metsketeers…All for Nude and Nude for All!
Don’t Google “Dancing Nudes”!
Nude Kids on the Block
Dancing Nude Like Nobody’s Watching
Peak a Booty
Love Me Tinder
Naked Scavenger Hunt at My House, All Welcome
Arto Erotica
Art You Glad I Have Such a Large Venus?