Pop Quiz: Can You Name These Super Heroes and Villains?

Join a Watson Adventures scavenger hunt and you’ll see amazing stuff, from some of the famous paintings in the world to obscure minutiae hidden away where you’d never find it otherwise. And there’s street art, that wild, eclectic, of-the-moment art form living in plain sight.

On top of its fascinating historical bent, the Secrets of the Mission District Hunt highlights the beautiful, weird street art of this beautiful, weird neighborhood. On a recent visit, we fell in love again with the superhero mural at 19th and Mission. (And your next chance to fall in love is coming this Saturday, May 14. Get tickets now!) With DC and Marvel movies all over the news, we couldn’t help thinking, hey, can our hunters name all these characters?

Here’s a look at the whole thing:

Now check it out from left to right. Can you name all these heroes and villains?

That’s 14 characters in all. How you doing? Think you’ve gotten ’em all?

Need more time? Go ahead, we’ll wait.

OK, ready to see how you did? We’ve got the answers here whenever you’re ready.

The heroes and villains, roughly from left to right: Wolverine, Green Lantern, Iron Man, Wonder Woman, the Hulk, Superman, Spider-Man, Batman, the Joker, Catwoman, Lex Luthor, Bizarro, Doctor Doom, and Mysterio.

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