English Not Your First Language? We Have a Hunt for You!

Pondering Challenge

The Finland office of the United Nations had a problem: they wanted to go on a team-building outing, and they felt as if they had exhausted New York’s sights and tours. Sounds impossible? They had an important limitation: not everyone spoke English fluently. That knocked out many options.

We offered them a solution: explore one of the city’s lesser-known but spectacular neighborhoods, Brooklyn Height, on a scavenger hunt specially tailored for people whose native tongue isn’t English. The group had a great time hunting for answers, discovering the neighborhood and snapping fun team photos.

Our International Editions adapt our popular hunts into English that’s easy on the non-native tongue. We avoid unusual and difficult vocabulary, strip out the tricky slang and puns, but keep the rest of the humor, fun facts and intriguing discoveries. The non-American members of your group won’t need to tote around dictionaries, or constantly Google words like tote.

For example, here’s a question from our Met Madness Hunt: Whom does van Gogh find appealing on the back of his mind?  On the International Edition of that hunt, the question becomes: Who hides behind the man who might have one ear In both cases hunters discover that when you step behind the artist’s self-portrait, you discover an image of a “potato peeler” painted on the reverse side.

Since at least 2002 we’ve been surprising and delighting international groups of all sorts across the country…

• The Kellogg Company welcomed its international sales team to Chicago with our Thrown for a Loop International Edition.

• After a merger, Capitol Services Inc. (CSI) wanted the new and old team members to get to know each other. When the European team came to Washington, D.C., for a multi-day business meeting, they took a much-needed break with us on The Race to the White House International Edition.

• In San Francisco, SAP Academy wanted to introduce new students to town, so the school treated them to our North Beach and Chinatown Chase International Edition.

Corporate Team on Fun Team Building Game

And there are dozens of other groups who can tell you about the delight of bringing together people from all nations, united in the challenge of completing one of our hunts.

Don’t fall victim to dull tours led by people who think English is the only language, and they just need to TALK LOUDER to be understood. Come to us: we speak the international language of fun. Contact us today to learn more—or embark on a tour of our website. An international edition of just about any hunt you find is available.