Mix It Up—It’ll Make You More Productive

Corporate Groups BondingIt’s easier to stick with what you know, or in this case, who you know. You probably lunch with the coworkers in your department, you may even attend happy hour with them. But maybe it’s time to switch it up.

Newly launched, the Met Madness: Mixed Alliances Edition features a new twist on our classic hunt. You’ll discover the best of the Met while forming temporary alliances with competing teams along the way. The Mixed Alliances Edition is also available for hunts at the Museum of Natural History as well as Grand Central Station and coming soon to museums in other cities.

You begin the game with one or two teammates, but before getting started, you guys have to find another team to work alongside. But don’t get too cozy, you’ll have to break off the alliance after reaching certain checkpoints and the other team becomes competition again. Everyone will get to collaborate with multiple teams during the hunts.

So why mingle?

Fast Company recently published a list of reasons to spend time with people different from you. Benefits include:

  • Increased ability to think critically
  • Balance out strengths and weaknessesCorporate Groups Have Fun on Scavenger Hunt
  • Making better decisions
  • Adding some imagination to your life

The common thread that runs through the benefits lies in the fact that you’ll learn to expand your viewpoint, which will help boost your productivity. The Mixed Alliances edition of our scavenger hunts will ensure that everyone gets to work with and rely on other people in order to succeed at the game.

The hunt requires a minimum of two hours and 15 people.

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