Be a Hallowinner: How to Pick a Team Name for Virtual Halloween Games

Scare Up a Great Team Name

Halloween looks different this year, but you can still have a spookily fun time. Whether you explore haunted places on the new Virtually Haunted: The Online Halloween Scavenger Hunt or match wits with the new Halloween Trivia Slam Game, you need a killer team name. A great team name can show off your team’s creativity and earn you bonus points.

Players like you have come up with some amazing Halloween team names over the years, and dozens of teams have already played our virtual Halloween games this October. Let’s revisit some of our tips for concocting a Halloween team name with this year’s newest team names—all to help you devise a wicked, winning team name of your own.

Remember the Theme

Well that’s obvious, right? Think of words associated with Halloween—pumpkin, ghost, vampire—and work from there. Previous themed team names have included “Haunting for Answers” and “Spiritus Amungus.” Check out this year’s thematic team names:

Creepy Witches
The Boo Crew
The Haunted Ones
Slimy IT Phantom
Headless Horsepeople
A Little Batty
Spooky Resources
Spooky SZN [Note: Apparently “SZN” is a cool way of saying “season” these days?)

Pun It Up

Remember to have fun on your scare-venger haunt or trivi-AHHHH! game. Previous pun-tastic team names have included “Boy Meets Ghoul” and “Get Witch or Die Trying.” Puns this year include:

The Ghoul Scouts
Par for the Corpse
Funny Bones
Corn Mazed & Confused

Pop Culture Is Your Friend

Many of our favorite Halloween team names manage to combine theme, pun, and pop culture all together. Great ones have included “Grave Expectations,” “Ghouls Just Want to Have Fun,” and “Wiccanpedia.” As for this year’s pop culture team names:

Scare Bears
The Goonies
The Sanderson Sisters
The Real Housewives of Transylvania
The Munsters
Team Casper
Wicked Wizards of the East
The Bone Collectors
Monster Mash

When In Doubt, Go for Poe

Usually we get a few solid Edgar Allan Poe team names. Think “The Tell-Tale Fart,” “Edgar Allan Poe-sers,” and “Quoth the Raven: Best Team Name!” But this year we haven’t seen any yet, so get on that, players! Instead, we’ve seen a few of those reliable Sherlock Holmes references, or detective references in general, that the name Watson Adventures always inspires. A few Holmes-ian team names from this year’s haunted hunts include:

Team Moriarty
The Enolas [Note: In honor of Enola Holmes, the very fun new Netflix film featuring Sherlock’s kid sister.]
Detective Pikachus
Detective Dogbert
Detective Kitty [Note: All three detective teams competed in the same game, so they came ready with their own team-name theme!]