Ghouls Just Want to Have Fun: 5 Tips for Choosing Halloween Scavenger Hunt Team Names

Tips from Beyond the Grave

When you join a Halloween Scavenger Hunt, you need to choose a great scavenger hunt team name. Not only is a fun team name, well, fun, it help conjure team spirit—and the best names earn you points!

Now, coming up with a clever name on the spot—let alone a name themed to your haunted hunt—can be tough. So before you get in the game, take inspiration from these tips, and enjoy these actual team names from our Halloween scavenger hunts.

Remember the Theme

Seriously, you’re on a Halloween scavenger hunt. Just as team names like “Louvre Is in the Air” work for Valentine’s Day scavenger hunts and “Snapes on a Plane” fit Harry Potter scavenger hunts, you want a name that suits the spooky season. Think of words associated with Halloween—witch, graveyard, skeleton, mummy—and work from there. Themed scavenger hunt team names have included…

The City that Never Creeps
The Bat-asses
If You Got It, Haunt It
Haunting for Answers
We Put the “Fun” in Funeral
The Brimstones
The Village Stalkers
Spiritus Amungus

Pun It Up

No body will crawl you out for getting punny with your scare-venger haunt team name. Yikes! Not our best work, of corpse, but you can do better than that. Pun-tastic scavenger hunt team names have included…

Here for the Boos
All Hallows Team
Boy Meets Ghoul
Voodoo Like to Play a Game?
Witch Way Do We Ghoul?
Get Witch, or Die Tryin’
Aaron Brrr!

Risqué Is OK

Within reason, of course—and please, save it for the adults-only hunts. Spicy scavenger hunt team names have included…

Practice Safe Hex
Edgar Allan Hoes
Gettying It Done in the Dark [at the Getty Center, naturally]

Pop Culture Is Your Friend

Some of our favorite team names combine the Halloween theme, a silly pun, and a pop culture reference all in one. The references can also be topical or even political. Poppy scavenger hunt team names have included…

Grave Expectations
Ghouls Just Want to Have Fun
Nasty Women
Boos Clues!
Dr. Caligari’s Cabineteers
Sleepy Hollow-heads

When in Doubt, Go for Poe

Sometimes all it takes is a fun reference to the patron saint of Halloween, Edgar Allan Poe. See: Edgar Allan Hoes from earlier. (Our hunt host will even forgive you if you spell it “Allen.”) Poe-centric scavenger hunt team names have included…

The Tell-Tale Fart
Edgar Allan Poe-sers
Quoth the Raven: Best Team Name!

Now It’s Your Turn!

Learn more about arranging your private Halloween Grab ’n’ Go Scavenger Hunt, or about public Halloween scavenger hunts in cities around the country. (Lead photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash)