Merry Misfits: Great Team Names for Virtual Holiday Games

Inspiration for Your Team Name

If you’re celebrating the holidays on one of our virtual holiday games, you need a fun, festive team name. Whether you travel the world, solve a mystery, or show off your trivia chops, a creative team name will bring teammates together. It might even earn you some bonus points.

With so many people already having a blast playing our virtual holiday games this year, the list of sensationally seasonal team names is getting longer than Santa’s own famous list. So check out these helpful tips for picking a team name, along with some of our favorite team names from other players.

Remember the Theme

A lot of teams simply have fun with the holiday theme.

The Noel-It-Alls
Merry Marylanders
Holmes for the Holidays
The Cheer Team
Jingle Bell Croc
Jingle Jangle
The Jingle Belles
The Winter Squad
Reindeer Gamers
NOT Reindeer Gamers
Christmas Reindeer
Santa’s Little Helpers
Holly Jolly Winners
Santa Gangsters
Rocket Santas
The Braindeers
Brain Sleighers
Santa Paws
The Mistletoes
Christmas Gladiators
Christmas and Cheese Curds
We Sleigh All Day
Sleigh the Competition
Slay Bells
Holiday Spice Girls
Holiday Hunters
Smiley Christmas
The Dancing Rudolphs
The Mighty Reindeer
The Frosty Friends
The Frosty Force
Jolly Rockers
Merry Quizmases
6 Lords a Leaping
Silent Knights
Rudolph’s Runts
Dreidel Spinners
Santa’s Got a Brand New Bag
Jolly Beans
Rolling with my Gnomies
Team Y’allidays

Elf Things Up

Christmas Elf

We’ve seen a lot of elves playing this year, so you’ll have to be creative.

Winning Elves
Avid Elves
Angry Elves
Mad Bad Elves
V.E.B.A. (Virtual Elf Bad Asses)
Santa’s E.L.V.E.S. (Essential Laborers Virtual Esteem-Building Summit)
Fröhliche Navidad Elves [That’s “Happy” in German and “Christmas” in Spanish.]

Pop Culture Is Your Friend

Can’t go wrong with a shout-out to great holiday stories.

Cotton-Headed Ninnie Muggins
The Misfit Toys
Home Not Alone
The Wet Bandits
The Sticky Bandits
The Griswolds
Grumpy Grinches
Resting Grinch Face
Festivus for the Rest of Us
The Rest of Us
Yippee Ki-yay

Go For the Naughty List

Gingerbread Person

Don’t get too crazy, but some light innuendo can make for a great team name.

Drunken Dancing Gingerbread People
Frosty’s Divas
Filthy Animals
Sassy Snowflakes
Holidazed and Confused
Jingle Ballers
The Nutcracker’s Jingle Balls
The Ho Ho Ho$$$
The Ho Ho Ho-ettes
The Naughty List

When in Doubt, Wink at Current Events

Did you know it’s been a crazy time lately? A few teams are having fun with that.

Covid Kringles
Socially Distanced Santas
Merry Masked Detectives
The Santatizers
Hand Santa-tizer
The Masked Reindeer

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Images credits: Elf photo by Misty Ladd on Unsplash; Gingerbread photo by Pietro De Grandi on Unsplash