Get in the Mood for Valentine’s Day Games with These 10 Funny Art Valentines

Inspired by Our Art-Filled Valentine’s Day Games

The ultimate love-it-or-leave-it holiday is drifting ever closer on Cupid’s wings, and so are our new Valentine’s Day virtual games. Our always-popular Naked at the Museum Scavenger Hunt has gone virtual for the first time! And private groups can match wits on the new Virtually Shot by Cupid: A Valentine’s Day Trivia Game.

Need help asking out a partner for our Valentine’s Day games? We’ve got you covered with another batch of funny, punny art valentines, sure to melt any museum lover’s heart.*

*Heart-melting not guaranteed. Results may vary.

That’s A Lot

Watson Adventures Art Valentines

Van Gogh Out With Me

Watson Adventures Art Valentines

A Little On the Nose

Art Valentine Michiel Sweerts

Monet Makes the Heart Go ’Round

Watson Adventures Art Valentines

Louis the Lovebird

Watson Adventures Art Valentines

The Decadence Movement in Lockdown

Watson Adventures Art Valentines

And That’s Why You Wear a Mask

Art Valentine Birth of Venus

A Moo-ving Sentiment

Art Valentine Europa and Bull

Worth a Shot

Art Valentine Diana and Cupid

It’s Hammer Time

Art Valentine Nature Forging Baby