At Home Mini-Game: 7 Paintings Give You a Taste of Our Virtual Scavenger Hunts

Party Down & See How Our Games Work

You could say we’ve been in a partying mood lately. Players are enjoying two of our newest virtual trivia games: Cheers! It’s the Virtual Happy Hour Game and Fun in the Sun: A Virtual Summertime Trivia Game. And Fiesta Time! A Virtual Cinco de Mayo Trivia Game is on its way.

So now it’s your turn to party hearty—or, rather, to party art-y! You’re invited to try out this miniature scavenger hunt, featuring seven works of art full of people partying perhaps a little too hard. It doubles as a fun game, and a glimpse at the way many of our virtual scavenger hunts work. Can you find the art and figure out the corrects answers? Good luck!

How Does It Work?

People looking at painting in museum

Easy! Instead of sending you to a museum in person, each question starts with a link to a page of a website full of of art. You must follow the clue to find and click on a particular piece of art. (Some of the art is a little bit risqué, so this mini-game is not for kids.)

Next, read the question and look for the answer. You might have to look closely at the painting, or dig into its written description for the right detail. When you think you have the answer, click the red button to see how you did. Normally you’d be playing in our custom, browser-based app for points, but today you’re just here to have fun. Ready?

Sausage Party

First, visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art to check out somber Dutch people…except for that one guy wearing eggs! Boy, these folks sure know how to party. Another guy here might make you exclaim, “I never sausage behavior!” What is that second man’s weirdly appropriate name?

Hans Worst

In this hard-partying painting, Pekelharing (as in pickled herring) wears the eggs and fish, while Worst has a sausage hanging from his cap.

Dirty Dishes

Feast on these fancy old dishes at the Met. Find a drunk old fellow who has lost his clothes and his balance. What is he is too tipsy to sit on without help?

His ass!

You’re looking for this dish featuring a sauced Silenus, who can’t sit on his donkey without being held up.

Bread Is Not for Barfing

Check out this collection of art from Google Arts & Culture. Scroll down a bit to the wide grid of art. Find the party raising their glasses to toast. And that’s the only toast they’ll get, since someone is just about barfing on the bread. What is his job title, apparently?


If you attend The Feast of the Bean King and read about the partygoers’ respective roles, you’ll find that it’s a doctor on the left puking near the food.

Baby’s First Booze

Find three men and a baby in this gallery at the Art Institute of Chicago. Besides the fact that they’re letting a baby drink alcohol, what stuff has you seeing green here?


The notoriously powerful alcohol inspired the greenish tint of Vincent Van Gogh’s The Drinkers.

A Tale of Two Cities

Stick around the Art Institute of Chicago to see more highlights from their collection. Pass a swinging bar scene to find a famously quiet last call. This scene might be set in New York, but what out-of-town team is represented here?

The Phillies

“Phillies” is the name of the bar in Edward Hopper’s iconic Nighthawks.

Dress to Impress

Examine out some paintings at the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena, California. Find someone whose wine has gone to her head. The things that go on her feet tell you she’s a…what?

A prostitute

That’s what the red stockings mean in this terribly tipsy scene.

O Captains, My Captains

Finally, stop by the St. Louis Art Museum to see some fancy old American art. Join in on a rowdy party full of mischievous sailors. While one person pukes in the doorway, and a few fellows have passed out, one guy is having trouble at both ends. While he can’t keep his drink down, what ensures that he might not be able to sit down, either?

The candle burning his butt

In this crazy scene, a fellow near the middle is puking into someone else’s pocket (ew!) while a candle roasts his behind.