Say Cheese! 9 All-Time Favorite Photos from Scavenger Hunts

Watson Adventures Best Hunt PhotosIf any two things are true about you hunters, it’s that you love taking pictures and that boy howdy you’re a photogenic bunch!

Whether you’re exploring your favorite neighborhood or a cool museum, our team building scavenger hunts often include photo challenges. The whole team has to participate for points, and you all really get into it. Take a look at a few of the silly, spirited, and downright strange photos submitted by hunters over the years.

Ready, set, go!

Watson Adventures Best Photos Ready to Go

Blending into an exhibit (or trying to, anyway)

Watson Adventures Best Photos Blending into Exhibit

Reacting to a live animal

Watson Adventures Best Photos Live Animal

Acting terrified of a dinosaur

Watson Adventures Best Photo Scary Dinosaur

Dramatizing the finish line of a race

Watson Adventures Best Photos Finish Line

Holding up something huge

Watson Adventures Best Photos Holding Something Huge

We’re … not sure what’s going on here, actually.

Watson Adventures Best Photos Tied Up

OK, this is getting weird.

Watson Adventures Best Photos Red Riding Hood

Demonstrating how your team will celebrate if you win

Watson Adventures Best Photos We Win

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