Hey, You Got Star Wars in My Museum of Natural History!

Fusing two great tastes that taste great together, the Museum Strikes Back Scavenger Hunt debuted in December, giving Star Wars fans one more reason to love the American Museum of Natural History.

Part of the reason the hunt works so well—and keeps selling out—is that the two were a natural fit. No, AMNH doesn’t have stuffed wampas or ancient lightsabers on display. But the world of the Star Wars movies draws so much inspiration from the world around us that it only takes a little imagination to see the parallels. Here are some of our favorite Star Wars–y spots in the museum.

Rose Center for Earth and Space

Being the home of astronomy at the museum, this one’s a no-brainer—and it’s not just because of the giant faux Death Star looming over everything. Here you’ll find galaxies, meteorites, planets, and invisible forces that recall moments and locations from the movies (not to mention, y’know, THE Force).

Millstein Hall of Ocean Life

Look beyond the big blue whale and you’ve got a gallery full of Star Wars reference material. You’ve got freaky deep-sea fish that look almost identical to the giant versions in the waters of Naboo. You’ve got Hoth-worthy polar beasts everywhere. Heck, even Admiral Ackbar’s leggy cousin makes an appearance.

Stout Hall of Asian Peoples

You might have thought we’d go for the big ol’ thunder lizards on the Fourth Floor (and they’re on the hunt, don’t worry), but Star Wars owes so much to the influences of Asian cultures. From the Jedi-inspiring samurai of Japan to the cold-weather survival tactics of Siberia, our questions here, just like the rest of the hunt, will make you look at Star Wars in a new light.

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