8 Art Memes that Sum Up Just How Weird Art Can Be

Watson Adventures Weird Art MemesLook, art museums are splendid places: cathedrals of learning, monuments of artistic splendor, vaults of wonder and beauty. But dang it if the art inside them doesn’t get real weird sometimes.

This is old news to anyone who’s joined one of our scavenger hunts before—our clues often riff on the strange and surreal in museums around the country—but the Internet has some catching up to do. Art history memes are all the rage right now, so here we offer nine of our own submissions that highlight weird (and occasionally the weirdly relatable) side of art.

1. Medieval Wardrobe Malfunction

Watson Adventures Weird Art Memes

Learn more about Bartholomew the Apostle, who got himself flayed alive.

2. Stage Five Clinger

Meet Venus and Adonis.

3. There’s a Reason He Can’t Get No Satisfaction

The resemblance is uncanny, right? Anyway, check out Saint Roch, famed lifter of his own skirt.

4. Adventures in Babysitting

Wait, did those angel babies have the plague…?

5. And the Pepcid Isn’t Helping?

Saint Margaret loves her dragons.

6. At Least One Dog Went to Heaven

Meet Saint Christopher, aka Mr. Dog-Head.

7. Sibling Rivalry

Hell is other people.

8. Just Had That Lyin’ Around, Huh?

Salvator Rosa, a “complex personality.”

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