Met Gala 2018: Who Wore It Better?

The Met Gala has come and gone, and once again the first Monday in May brought us a red carpet full of astonishing looks.

This year’s controversial theme, “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination,” invited the usual parade of fashion models, actors, and assorted celebs to don their, ahem, “Sunday best,” to some decidedly mixed results. This being the fashion event of the year at our favorite museum, we couldn’t help but watch and wonder: Who wore it better?

1. Kim Kardashian…or Gustav Klimt’s Woman in Gold?

2. Helen Lasichanh and husband Pharrell…or the ‘American Gothic’ couple?

3. Actress Frances McDormand…or a mobile by Alexander Calder?

4. Actress Diane Kruger…or this 18th-century French couch?

5. Actress Greta Gerwig…or Barack Obama in a barber chair?

6. Fashion designer Alex Chung…or Jerry Seinfeld?

7. Actress Gabrielle Union…or Gob Bluth from ‘Arrested Development’?

8. Katy Perry…or Ben Affleck in ‘Dogma’?

9. Actress Shailene Woodley…or Lord Farquaad from ‘Shrek’?

10. Fashion designer Jeremy Scott…or this baby in an Elvis costume?

11. Photographer Renell Medrano…or this Wamsutta bathroom rug from Bed, Bath & Beyond?

12. Rihanna…or this baby chick?

13. Lynda Carter…or Lynda Carter?

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