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The Virginia Art Museum Madness Scavenger Hunt

From ancient Egypt to modern-day America…

…you’ll explore the best of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts while seeking answers to tricky, humorous questions. On this unusual whirlwind tour, you’ll learn the secrets of a whip-wielding wild woman, a piano-playing pup, an elegant elephant saddle, an impish Impressionist, a tusk of love, a horrible hag who turns a skullcap into a cup, and gorilla (not guerrilla) warfare, to name just a few of the highlights.

Your team might tackle such questions as…

  • In the galleries of ancient Greek art, find a kid with a stick who looks ready to whack another kid holding grapes. But the item they’re found on isn’t interested in eating grapes: according to its Greek name, what does it want to eat? Answer: The kids are on the Asiatic Sarcophagus, and the label explains that sarcophagus is Greek for “flesheater.” Yikes!
  • In a gallery of 20th-century American art, find red and white stripes where you can get clipped for a quarter. Near “Chaplin,” what queen was exposed (so to speak)? Answer: In Evergood’s ‘Street Corner,’ a newspaper headline bares all (ahem) about a burlesque queen.

No knowledge of the museum or art is necessary: the emphasis is on teamwork—and fun.

It’s a great game for all kinds of groups and occasions, from birthday parties to social and corporate outings.

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The Murder at the VMFA Scavenger Hunt

Discover the art of murder

You’ll find yourself in the middle of a crime scene at the start of this game. A Watson Adventures staffer has been found dead in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, and we need your help to catch his killer. Here’s your first clue: a star that the victim drew on the floor with his own blood. What does this macabre message mean? Find out and you’ll start to piece together the mystery of his double life—and possibly prevent a catastrophic international incident.

In your quest to solve the mystery, your team will uncover the secrets of this magnificent art museum, where surprising details turn out to be part of a cryptic code.

This is a great game for birthday parties and family get-togethers, or for alumni groups, church groups, and other social clubs looking for an entertaining activity that will get them conspiring, collaborating, and having a blast.

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The Richmond Ramble Scavenger Hunts

Shockoe Bottom, Scott’s Addition, Church Hill…

Those neighborhoods are all potential game boards for team-building adventures. The historic streets hold secrets to uncover as you follow clues and answer tricky questions. In Shockoe Bottom, for instance, you’ll behold the magical 1901 Main Street Station, check out Edgar Allen Poe’s place, and discover the oldest Masonic Hall in America, to name just a few highlights.

Along the way you will also seek opportunities to meet the requirements of unusual Team Photo Challenges and seek certain items to collect or create.

Our Hunt Host will set up your group and then send you off on your quest. Along the way, you’ll meet up with the Host for a surprise bonus challenge. And then at the finish line the Host will score the teams and announce the results. Do you have what it takes to come in first?

A special edition, The Murder Mystery Mayhem Scavenger Hunt, brings a puzzle-filled whodunit to any neighborhood. Beware: the arch criminal who has poisoned you might even be on your own team.

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Escape the Science Museum Scavenger Hunt

You’ve been poisoned!

Sorry for the bad news, but don’t panic: you can find the cure by playing this scavenger hunt. The evil genius who dosed you at the start of this game has created a series of puzzles that will reveal the combination to a box that contains the antidote. Sure, you can escape a room, but can you unlock the box and escape the museum—with your life?

On teams, you’ll follow the villain’s diabolical trail of clues through Science Museum of Virginia in Richmond, searching for secrets in the galleries and exhibits. You’ll tackle devilishly tricky questions about what you find, interact with our staff to solve sneaky puzzles, and ultimately crack a code.

No knowledge of the museum or science is required: you just need sharp eyes, comfy shoes, and excellent teamwork.

This is a great game for all kinds of groups—especially ones too large for conventional escape-room games. What makes this particularly perfect for mixed groups is that if you have participants who don’t care much for puzzles, they’ll still be delighted by what we help them discover in this fascinating museum.

An edition for kids and adults to do together is also available.

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