Scavenger Hunts at The St. Petersburg
Museum of Fine Arts

  • private
  • adults
  • indoor

The MFA Madness Scavenger Hunt

Discover the art of adventure…

…on a whirlwind tour that reveals the best of the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg. But this isn’t like any museum tour you’ve ever taken before. On teams, you’ll follow clues through the Gauguins, Monets, O’Keeffes, Cezannes, and sculpture gardens, while searching for the answers to fun and funny questions about the unusual art you find.

You might tackle such questions as…

  • Find a god who looks like he’s doing the wave, the Macarena, and the can-can, all at the same time. What’s the “Dopey” name of the dwarf underfoot?
  • What unlucky number cries tears of the gods?
  • Who said, “I’ll paint an angel when I see one”?
  • Who was the Mad Potter of Biloxi, and what makes his top hat tip-top?
  • Why does a silky sulker remind you of Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven”?

Don’t know the answers? Don’t worry! We haven’t provided the additional clues and directions that will lead you to the right spot. No knowledge of art is necessary to play: you just need sharp eyes and comfy shoes.

For an extra challenge, try the Murder at the MFA Scavenger Hunt, which combines those questions with a deadly whodunit that you need to solve before time’s up.

These games are great team-building, bonding, laugh-inducing activities for birthday parties, family get-togethers, social outings—you name it.

What happy hunters are saying

“Thank you for putting together such an amazing event for us! We had such an amazing time, and everyone is still talking about it today! In addition to all the fun, we learned so much from the museum. It was the perfect event for our very competitive group. The Hunt Host and her assistant were a pleasure to work with, and we absolutely look forward to working with all of you again in the future!” –Terri Van Nortwick, Jabil Circuit, Inc.

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