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The Hooray for Rye Scavenger Hunt

Discover historic sites and hidden delights…

…all around the heart of Rye, one of the most charming towns in Westchester. This special edition of our Grab ’n’ Go Scavenger Hunt will have you tackling a variety of challenges: you’ll take creative and unusual Team Photos, find and create unique items, seek out staffers for a surprise, and decipher clues to answer humorous questions about interesting locations.

George Washington, Founding Father John Jay, and Benjamin Franklin all stayed or lived in Rye, and the village boasts quaint historical buildings and sights. This hunt will tickle your funny bone, nudge your noggin, and exercise your creativity in ways you’d never expect.

You don’t need any prior knowledge of history or the area to win: you just need good teamwork and comfy shoes.

A Kids Edition, suitable for ages 7 and up, is also available.

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