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Scavenger Hunts in Central Park

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The Secrets of Central Park Scavenger Hunt

Recommended by the New York Times and Time Out New York!

Discover the mysteries of Manhattan’s backyard as you explore the best of the park below 72nd Street and visit secret spots you might otherwise never find. Along the way, you’ll use your teamwork skills to uncover secret messages, mysterious symbols, writing in the sky, movie and TV locations, and hidden history.

Our impeccable directions and tricky, fun questions will help your team tame Central Park’s twisty paths, making you its master. Our Hunt Host greets you and sets you up at the start on the edge of the park, looks out for your team during the hunt and takes your call if you’ve wandered astray, and congratulates you at the end and announces the results.

Highlights include…

  • A bird sanctuary, hidden in plain sight, that birds won’t go near
  • The Carousel, featured in The Catcher in the Rye
  • The Dairy, where kids could once get fresh milk from farms outside the city
  • Strawberry Fields, honoring John Lennon—and almost named for Bing Crosby
  • The Sheep Meadow and the former stable for the actual sheep—now Tavern on the Green
  • The Mall, designed to be the only straight path in the park
  • The Lake, which was made from a swamp
  • And more!

We can also include the Central Park Zoo for an additional fee to cover zoo admission.

  • private
  • adults
  • outdoor

The Central Park Movie Locations Scavenger Hunt

See Central Park through Hollywood’s eyes…

…as you scout locations featured in movies and TV shows, including Ghostbusters, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Die Hard 3, Madagascar, When Harry Met Sally…, Ransom, and many more. You’ll decipher clues and answer tricky, humorous questions with your team while you visit the best of the park.

On your quest, you might uncover secrets about…

  • The Sheep Meadow, where Michael Douglas meets Charlie Sheen in Wall Street and Robin Williams lies naked in The Fisher King
  • The Lake, where Grace meets Katie Couric and decides to marry Leo in Will & Grace
  • The Mall, where Jon Stewart gets his kid back from Adam Sandler in Big Daddy and Meryl Streep gets her kid back from Dustin Hoffman in Kramer vs. Kramer
  • The Carousel, where Zero Mostel dances in The Producers
  • The Boathouse, where both Mr. Big in Sex and the City and a brainwashed man in The Manchurian Candidate take a plunge into the pond
  • And much more!

Important note: this game is about team-building fun, not a test of trivia. You don’t need to be a movie buff to answer the questions—and even win!