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The Twisted Science Scavenger Hunt

Science gets weird…

…on this unusual tour of the Science Museum of Minnesota in St. Paul. This group game will have you searching for answers to tricky, humorous questions about amazing and amusing experiments, odd technology, fascinating physiology, mesmerizing math, and natural history from yesterday back to the dinosaur days.

On your quest, you might…

  • Get your hands on the controls of a Mississippi River towboat
  • Go face-to-ancient-face with a much-loved mummy
  • Toss a ball with Bernoulli and play Spin the Tornado
  • Examine slices of a real human body
  • Puzzle over quacky medical tools, including a vibrating chair
  • Tromp through a sewer pipe to learn where wastewater goes
  • Operate the mighty jaws of the King of Dinosaurs

Those are just a few of the quirky highlights on this hunt. But you don’t need to be a science whiz to be a first-place contender: you just need a sharp mind and comfortable shoes. Along the way, you’ll also be challenged to take Team Photos that spur creativity and group bonding—and provide a good laugh after the hunt.

For groups that want more of a challenge, a Murder at the Museum Edition knits the museum’s secrets into a mystery that you’ll have to solve in order to win.

The museum offers private spaces that can accommodate groups of all sizes, making it the perfect place to combine an off-site meeting with a team-building scavenger hunt. This game is also a great option for birthday parties, social-group meetups, and any other activity where you want to get people working together and having so much fun, they’ll talk about it for days.

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