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The Conquer Concord Scavenger Hunt

The cradle of liberty, literature, and laughs

American patriots fought the British here, famous writers walked and talked here—and now you can play here! The charming, very walkable streets and green spaces of downtown Concord make for a delightful hunt, as you answer tricky, humorous questions and search out historic homes, charming stores, memorable monuments, and more.

Highlights include…

  • The place where Thoreau spent a night in jail
  • A “lost” Renaissance masterpiece
  • A “misplaced” piece of the Old North Bridge, where the Revolutionary War began
  • The houses, haunts, and hidden secrets of Louisa May Alcott, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, and Nathaniel Hawthorne
  • A great place to stop for snacks

Even if you can’t tell a Minuteman from a Transcendentalist, you’ll love figuring out the game’s quirky clues and entertaining challenges. No prior knowledge of the area or history is required. Just bring your sense of humor, your comfy shoes, and your teamwork skills.

Companies in the Boston suburbs have raved about this hunt as a surprising team-building option that doesn’t require them go to downtown for historical, hysterical fun.

Kids can get in on the action, too!

An easier, age-appropriate version of this hunt is also available for ages 7 and up. Kids and adults collaborate on clever questions as they’re immersed in the city’s Revolutionary and literary history. It’s a fantastic choice for school field trips, camp and youth-group outings, birthday parties, and any event where you want to get kids interacting, learning, and having fun.

What clients are saying about the Concord scavenger hunt

“We had a great time on the scavenger hunt—everyone I asked so far said they really had a good time, and it definitely served the purpose to get people to work together that don’t normally interact too much. The scavenger hunt had appropriate level of difficulty, and we appreciated both the questions as well as the photo challenges.  Juliet [the hunt host] was very enthusiastic and showed up right on time. I would definitely recommend this to other groups at our company.” —a pharmaceutical company

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