Scavenger Hunt in D.C.

The Wild Wildlife
Scavenger Hunt
at the National Zoo

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  • adults
  • kids
  • outdoor

The Wild Wildlife Scavenger Hunt at the National Zoo

Go on a safari that supports animals

Search for fantastic beasts and weird wildlife at this ark that’s a park. By following a trail of clues and collaborating with your team to answer fun and funny questions, you’ll see the Smithsonian National Zoo and its lions, tigers, bears, Komodo Dragons, and more in a whole new way.

Your search might include…

  • The Asia Trail, where termites could help you play tennis
  • The Panda House, where a furry gymnast pulls off a stunt that stinks
  • The Elephant Trails, where you’ll recommend an Rx for Ella Funt
  • The Great Ape House, where an orangutan will remind you of your taxes
  • The Think Tank, where you’ll search for a shark part that resembles a rubber chicken

You don’t have to be a zoologist to play or to win this game, but you do have to use your wits to solve our crafty questions.

For private groups, we also offer a Kids Edition of this hunt, suitable for ages 7 and up. It’s great for birthday parties, school field trips, camp outings, and any activity where you want to get kids and adults working together and having a blast.

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