Chicago Scavenger Hunt

The Sherlock Holmes
at the Art Museum
Scavenger Hunt

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  • adults
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The Sherlock Holmes at the Art Museum Scavenger Hunt

Can you solve the mystery of the dancing figures?

At the outset of this game based on a Sherlock Holmes story, wealthy businessman Hilton Cubitt and his wife, Elsie, have been shot in their elegant home. Hilton is dead, and Elsie has been seriously wounded. Police think she killed her husband and then turned the gun on herself. If she recovers, she’ll be tried for murder!

But wait—there’s more to this mystery than meets the eye. A week earlier, Hilton had asked Watson Adventures’ code-breaking experts to decipher e-mails that Elsie had received. They contained strange images of dancing stick figures. They seemed to upset her, but she insisted to her husband that they were meaningless.  

The crime scene included a crumpled copy of a scavenger hunt involving works of art at the AIC. We believe that the scavenger hunt is connected to the e-mails—and that completing it and revealing its secrets will prove Elsie’s innocence.

See if your band of sleuths can figure out who dunnit by working together to answer tricky questions and piece together the puzzle. The hunt’s afoot!

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