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The Secrets of
Longwood Gardens
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The Secrets of Longwood Gardens Scavenger Hunt

Your eyes will goggle and your brain will boggle

The sprawling, spectacular Longwood Gardens once served as the du Pont estate and now provides a surprising backdrop for an amazing adventure in the Brandywine Valley. On teams, you’ll get a whirlwind tour of the gorgeous grounds and huge greenhouse as you follow clever clues, uncover fascinating secrets, and answer humorous questions.

Along the way, you might…

  • Climb into tree houses
  • Marvel at amazing cascades and fountains
  • Feel like you’re traveling around the world as you explore the many rooms and environments in the huge conservatory
  • See how the du Ponts lived in their cozy frozen-in-time home
  • Search for tucked-away gardens
  • And see more exotic flowers than you’ve probably ever seen in your life

But don’t worry if you’ve got a brown thumb and can’t pick a gardenia out of a garden: no previous knowledge is required to play or even win this game. All you need are sharp eyes and comfy shoes.

Pick your own private hunt

We also offer an all-indoors version of this hunt, which is particularly handy in the winter. For an extra challenge, try the Murder Mystery Edition. There’s also a Kids Edition, recommended for ages 7 and up, for children and adults to play together. It’s perfect for a school field trip that introduces young students to the glories of gardens.

What happy clients are saying

“Our group really enjoyed themselves. When I asked what feedback they would share, I got responses of: ‘Awesome!’ and ‘Phenomenal!’ The questions drove them to explore the Conservatory and the Peirce–du Pont House to learn more about these locations. We very much liked our hosts for the hunt. They were friendly and had fun with our group. This was a successful team-building event for AHAA!” –Regina Kardish, Customer Management

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