Team Building in Washington D.C.

The National Gallery Gallop Scavenger Hunt

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The National Gallery Gallop Scavenger Hunt

Warning: This isn’t your ordinary tour

And thank goodness for that because it’s much, much better. Instead of just getting a whirlwind tour of this amazing museum, you’ll also get a team-building experience that will make you laugh, think, and bond with your group. You’ll follow a trail of clues though the galleries and tackle tricky, entertaining questions about the surprising art you find.

Your discoveries might include…

  • An eye-popping saint
  • An ancient version of American Idol you can’t afford to lose
  • Whistler’s Mother (of Pearl)
  • A gal who wants to be “leafed” alone
  • A remarkable Civil War scene made more famous by a Hollywood movie
  • America’s only painting by Leonardo da Vinci
  • A shark attack against a guy named Watson (no relation, we hope)

And those are just a few of the highlights on this hunt. Don’t worry: you don’t need to know anything about art or the museum to play or to win. You just need a sharp mind and comfortable shoes. This “level playing field,” in which anyone can contribute to the victory, makes the game a perfect activity for any corporate group looking to add a dash of culture to a team-building outing.

A Kids Edition, for children and adults to enjoy together, is available for school field trips, scout outings, birthday parties—you name it! Suitable for ages 7 and up.

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